Design and Engineering

Successful tooling projects start with creating a part design that meets a customer’s specifications. At HH, our engineering team has the ability to incorporate the necessary features conducive to good manufacturing processes for plastic injection molding, performing this task in a professional and confidential manner.

Experience combined with state of the art technology is one of the reasons HH makes a difference, and our molds show it. For all the molds we build, the following comprehensive engineering studies are performed by our tooling engineers:

• Mold Flow Analysis
• Draft analysis
• Wall section analysis
• Parting line development in conjunction with our customers
• Gating and Ejection location development in conjunction with our customers
• Multiple iterations of Mold flow studies
• Cooling optimization
• Preliminary mold design concepts
• Tool manufacturing strategy development for smoother tool validation process
• Full 3D mold design
• Detailed mold components (2D & 3D)

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