Quality Assurance

HH is committed to providing high quality injection molds, machined parts and injection molded plastic products, effective project management and outstanding customer service. Our quality department takes on the responsibility for ensuring effective quality management on your project, to inform the customer of how we plan to approach your particular project and meet its individual elements. We will keep you up to date with all the main phases and timelines or scheduling.

Quality Injection Molds

The Molds will be designed and built to meet or exceed the customer expectation. We have vast experience to ensure a good quality design and build of your injection mold. We will customize the mold design to include all details to your specification, built at the cost point indicated; other options will be discussed with the customer to help determine the best choice dependent on the product and life of the tool expected.

Quality Injection Mold Products

We take all steps to insure that the molded products are of the highest quality and delivered in a timely manner at a competitive price. HH has a unique quality management system where it’s customized to the level of specified inspection. Details of our quality management processes and procedures are available on request. Our quality department will document and make available all inspection reports.

Health Safety And Security

HH recognizes the importance of health and safety. The company’s health and safety policy sets our commitment and outlines our approach to effective health and safety management. Our processes and procedures are designed not simply to meet legal requirements but to effectively maintain a healthy, safe and secure working environment for our employees. Our molds are designed and built to meet relevant safety standards. HH provides full medical insurance for its employees and maintains complete business and liability coverage for the company.

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