Custom Injection Molding

HH specializes in plastic injection molding and related services, including metal injection molding (MIM). As a company that not only designs injection molds but also practices scientific molding, we have the ability to maximize your investment in creating robust processes, work on fully automating each production cell, cutting down cycle times, and delivering excellent quality parts in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost to you. Our goal has been and always will be in building a culture of continuous improvement. Here are the services we can provide in our molding department:
Mold Analysis

Evaluation of existing tooling for ways of improving quality, repeatability, and minimizing scrap and cycle times.

Prototype Mold Testing

During initial runs, evaluate those areas that may create some issues downstream with production tooling. Working with design and tooling engineers to make those needed changes at the prototype stage.

Material Testing

Finding possible material alternatives for cost savings and to ensure a second material source exists in the event there are shortages of the primary resin.

Process Optimization

By using scientific methods in creating the optimum process, we can ensure that a robust process has been created, eliminating variations in part geometry, quality, and integrity.

Secondary Operations To The
Molded Part

We offer post-molding services such as ultrasonic welding, pad printing, silk screening, along with assembly of molded and non-molded components.

Metal Injection Molding(MIM)

We have the expertise to run MIM successfully.

Custom Quality Inspection Programs

We work with our customers to create a Quality Inspection Package from 1st article inspection through finished goods inspection based on the critical aspects of each part we produce.


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