Mold Manufacturing

Our molds are manufactured within our group of fully qualified tool shops. The equipment within our manufacturing group is the latest state of the art manufacturing equipment in order to guarantee the quality levels required by our customers.

Ninety percent of the molds that we build are class 101 molds: a life guarantee of over 1 million shots. These molds are fully hardened, using the best hot runner systems and the best components available in the market. Look at the testimonials from some of our customers that talk about one of our molds that has been in consecutive production for over 8 years. Our experience in mold design and mold manufacturing covers the following mold technologies:

• 3 Plate Molds
• Molds for Multiple Part Versions
• Un-screwing Molds
• Insert Molds
• Vertical Molds with Multiple Ejector Halves
• Two Shot Molds – Rotating Platen or Internal Indexing Plate
• Core Back
• Stack Molds
• In Mold Closing

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